A prosperous city, embracing international fashion, intermingled with a unique style all it’s own;


With a fusion of Eastern and Western culture, we are in Taipei, Taiwan.

這裡是東西方文化交匯之處— 台北。

where Fashion Maker . Net brings together an elite editorial team:

在這裡, Fashion Maker . Net集結了一個精英時尚編輯團隊:

Taiwanese Photographer, Sam Lan, International Photographer H2Wu, Taiwanese Makeup Artist

Chi Chuan Ling, and International Hair Stylist Maryl Velbeck.

台灣攝影師,嵐森松、國際攝影師,H2Wu, 台灣造型師,齊傳玲以及國際髮型師Maryl Velbeck

For an exclusive editorial project for Fashion Queen Magazine.

參與雜誌Fashion Queen的時尚單元獨家企劃

Fashion Queen Magazine is a trendy magazine specializing in current fashion, beauty and style.

Fashion Queen是本專門報導時尚潮流精品與美妝造型的流行雜誌


Professional Photographers H2Wu, and Sam Lan simultaneously, using two distinctly different

sets in the same photo studio, using the same models;

兩位攝影大師H2Wu和藍森松在同一個攝影棚, 搭建兩種截然不同風格的景,同時各自拍攝一位模特兒然後進行交換拍攝


Created two sets of unique, beautiful and artistic interpretations of the “New Romanics”

concept for Fashion Queen Magazine’s Autumn Issue.

為Fashion Queen雜誌的秋冬時尚單元拍出兩組詮譯「新浪漫主義」原創、唯美的藝術攝影


The editors at Fashion Queen Magazine called upon the likes of World Class designers Miu

Miu, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rene Caovilla,

Valentino, Swarovski, and Bvlgari, for the fashions and accessories featured in the editorial


fashion queen的時尚編輯群備齊了一系列世界級設計師款服飾精品:Miu Miu, Chanel,

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rene Caovilla, Valentino,

Swarovski, 和Bvlgari作為這次拍攝的穿搭配件。


Following a detailed production meeting several days before the shoot, makeup artist Chi, hair

stylist Maryl, and photographers H2Wu and Sam Lan were completely prepared to shoot.

拍攝的前幾天,彩妝師齊傳玲、髮型師Maryl Velbeck與兩位攝影師H2Wu和嵐森松開會



Hair stylist Maryl Velbeck custom colored and prepared the hair and hair textures in advance,

after seeing the wardrobe before the editorial, matching the concept of the clothes.

在看過當天的拍攝服裝後,髮型師Maryl Velbeck即提前進行假髮片染色、上玉米鬚等前



Makeup Artist Chi Chuan Ling prepared the makeup color palette with a rich and stylish autumn

feel, after viewing the wardrobe designs.



It’s the first time Photographers Sam Lan and H2Wu, makeup artist Chi, and hair stylist Maryl

collaborated – The end result is both exotic and high fashion.

這是攝影師嵐森松和H2Wu、彩妝師齊傳玲以及髮型師Maryl Velbeck首度合作—創作出



When East meets West, all definitely have the language of art in common!



Taiwanese Photographer Sam Lan, learned and perfected his craft in Asia, earning him a

reputation as a renowned beauty and commercial photographer. H2Wu earned his photography

degree at the world famous Brooks Institute of Photography, in the United States, and is a

master international photographer.




Chi is a top makeup artist for editorial, advertising, fashion shows and fashion events

throughout Asia, she has also served as a master lecturer and educator for many large cosmetic

companies educating advanced makeup artists.




Maryl teaches advanced hair design and hair color with top international hair brands, and is an

award winning and internationally published hair stylist and speaker.




All of these amazing artists bring beauty and style together for this very special project.



The day of the editorial, everyone on the set was excited and looking forward to a fantastic




The models were beautiful, did an amazing job and were flawless as they went from scene to

scene for the editorial with ease. Versatility was key as they worked with both photographers on

the two distinctly different sets.




Most importantly, in the end, the Fashion Queen Magazine editors had a difficult decision to

make, as so many of the photos were beautiful and perfect for the editorial, and mentioned that

they wished they could choose more!

最重要的是,最後拍攝成品,張張動人精彩,讓Fashion Queen雜誌編輯們難以抉擇,只希



Everyone who worked on the project was grateful to Fashion Queen Magazine for making the

East meets West collaboration possible, bringing the All Star fashion artists, and two World Class

photographers together for this amazing magazine editorial.

參與時尚拍攝的所有工作人員都很感謝Fashion Queen雜誌撮合了這次中西聯手創作的機



What a fabulously stylish experience with a super cool group of people!



Thank you for watching!



See you next time on Fashion Maker . Net!

這是Fashion Maker.Net,我們下次見!


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